Embroidery FAQ

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a high-speed sewing process, by which decorative needlework is sewn directly into a garment.

Who is using our Embroidery services?

Currently our clients include local and international businesses, schools sports teams, professional associations, curling teams, ballet schools and martial arts schools. We also specialize in designing unique and personalized gifts for weddings, birthdays and newborn baby blankets.

What is the digitizing fee?

“Digitizing” is the process by which your design or logo is converted to a format our embroidery machines use when stitching your garment. Our charge for digitizing is a one-time fee determined by the stich count and the complexity of the design. Once the file is created, it is stored permanently and will not need to be re-created for any future re-orders.

How is your price determined?

Embroidery price is based on the number of stitches contained in a given design. As the stitch count increases the price per garment will also increase. Your price for an initial order will include the digitizing fee, the stitch count of your design and the price of garment you choose.

We provide you with the highest quality non-mass produced embroidery, our clients are always happy with the quality of our work. We inspect each garment as it comes off the machine to assure it will meet your requirements.

What types of garments and items can I get embroidered?

Our most popular items include hats, sweats, jackets, golf and T-shirts, bags, and fleece items.

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