Levels of Corporate Casual and Business ApparelĀ 

Apparel that’s different than the traditional business suit, but still appropriate for the boardroom.

Business Casual

Professional dressing that’s perfectly suited to attend a meeting, conduct a seminar or to meet a client. Golf polo shirts with banded cuffs, oxfords, denims, vests, sweaters and turtlenecks.

Relaxed Casual Office

appropriate attire that’s professional enough to face customers, but comfortable enough to sit in front of the computer. Golf shirts are the best choice here, as well as denims, chambray shirts, fashion fleece, sweaters and turtlenecks.

Dress Down Casual

Casual apparel for a labor-intensive day such as cleaning out files or organizing your area. Tees, sweats, and denims should be considered for these task.

Seasonal Gift Giving

Show your appreciation to clients and your employees. These gifts can prove to be a smart move for encouraging more business and productivity. Gift choices include of golf shirts, tees, fleece, or caps tastefully decorated with your logo.

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